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Dis-ordered Eating!
How will I feel after the first session?

Knowing what to expect from a first session can be intriguing and daunting.  Often it's the first hurdle to embarking on recovery.  With the advances of Applied Neuroscience and Coaching you do not have to suffer either to be well or to make changes.  Don't take it from me, see the comments below...

What did you get from your first session?

“Knowing what to do!  An explanation of what is going on.  Makes me feel like I really can fix it, need to eat more.  I feel positive, I’m going to really do this”. 


“Discussing and imagining how I would like my life to be like.  What am I doing versus what I want to be doing.  Never done anything like this before.  A scientific structure, a method and nice to talk out loud”. 


“Nice talking to someone who has been there.  Others are kind and helpful, say they understand and they don’t.  Made me feel better about everything.  Not as pressured to get better”. 


“Reasons for everything, not just me being crazy”.


“I definitely understand a few things better.  More hopeful, felt like nothing was working.  This sits right with me and I can move forward.  I feel hopeful”.


“A different perspective.  The negative/positive light.  Making it up in my head.  How other people would see it.  A better relationship with food.  I feel good and hopeful.  Excited to try. 

A thing I can fix”.


“It’s a lot easier to see the connections between things, not a giant mess, separated it.  No longer unsolvable.  Way better.  I feel strangely good, confident almost”.


“I’d never linked so much down to more confidence, just seeing what life could be like, puts more of a positive goal.  I feel a lot more bright and positive than before.  I feel better!”


“Actually talking about what I want to achieve.  I feel good”.


“Being able to look forward to the future.  The fight or flight, aware of it, a weight’s lifted.  Feel good, better than I was”.


“A different kind of outlook on things.  Hope.  A lot different than anything - most of the time you come away feeling self conscious or worse.  I enjoyed it.  I feel hopeful”.


“Has put priority straight in my head.  Things I really need to think about.  The level of importance of the eating disorder”.


“Feel like I could be honest.  Share where I’m at.  Ready to move on.  Feels completely different”.


“I feel like someone understands me.  Relatable, I’m not alone.  I feel a sense of community.  There is hope.  It could potentially get better”.


“Good that I actually spoke and could tell you what has been happening.  Think more in depth of how I’ve been feeling and how I want to feel.  I feel relieved”.


“A sense of, I’m not alone.  A safe space.  Comfortable to speak to, won’t judge me.  I feel relief and hope.  Something to look forward to”.


“Putting it into perspective a little bit.  It’s not just me making it up, there is an explanation for stuff.  I feel good, a bit better, getting it off my chest”.


“A lot!  You actually listen and care.  Others don’t”.


“Highlighted to me that a lot of things I do are behaviours I can make changes to.  It feels encouraging.  Feels a lot different to therapies before”.


“I CAN change.  It’s not just a case of change one thing and everything flows.  It’s scary, 90% of my time I waste.  Get on and live life.  Now time to make those new pathways!  I feel a bit happier”.


“I feel much more, you really understand, feel more understood.  Not me against anyone, understood.  You can see what I’m going through, made me open my eyes a bit.  I feel good.  More positive.  You got through.  Won’t be like it forever”.


“Made me actually sit down and think where I need to go, things I need to change to cope. I’ve figured out if I’m starting to feel horrible, stop working, have a day off, have a day out with friends.  Need to learn how to deal with my emotions”.


“Really like those cards, what my brain is saying is wrong.  This is chemical, I’m not stupid.

Thinking about what I could have”.


“Understanding a bit more, doesn’t make me feel crazy.  I feel relief”.


“Turn it around, not guilty, relaxed.  If my brother was doing it I wouldn’t be okay with it.  Start taking care of myself.  Feel happier talking about it”.


“Identifying things I would like to do.  The idea, I have to do something differently to get there”.


“I realise I think too much about things that I don’t need to worry about.  Realised the things I am worrying about.  Realise there are different things I can do that won’t take up more time but are good to do”.


“Interesting to know more about how the mind works and stuff”.


“To dare to dream to think about what I want my body to look like, what I want do do.  Haven’t ever really thought about it.  Made me think about where I want to be.  Before I’d talk about the history, every minute detail.  Refreshing for it not to sound so hard”.


“Quite a relief that it’s not focused on weight and food.  It’s just all been about food, it’s all the focus”.


“Just talking like this really.  Thinking a bit more positively.  Feel quite good, quite calm.  Optimistic”.


“Feels so good to talk about everything, get it clarified.  The way things are, they aren’t ridiculous.  There is a chance for things to change.  The theories have made me feel better”.


“I understand more about why I’m feeling the way I do and why I carry on doing it.  Help me find a different pathway to choose.  It’s helpful”.


“Feeling more optimistic than other therapy sessions”.


“Lots!  I suddenly feel a bit more confident.  Someone is going to help me.  I can relax on my shoulders”.


“Nice to talk to somebody that understands.  That has a different angle and solutions.  Feel it has helped”.


“Feel quite hopeful.  You understand, are on the same track, compared to people I’ve seen before, that’s nice.  Everything you’ve said makes sense”.


“I don’t trust how I perceive things anymore, is what I see true?  Thinking about life a bit more, I can have this stuff if I want it”.


“What I think is, those cards, they really threw me.  What I think I look like isn’t true!  An eye opener.  I feel quite relaxed.  There was fear.  Been with psychologists, they’ve put fear on me.  You’ve shown me, change is for the better”.


“Understanding what is going on in my mind when those things happen.  It is just my brain going about things the wrong way.  It can be controlled, rather than a separate thing.  It’s comforting”.


“Thinking outside of the box.  Just thinking about what makes me happy.  The visual thing with the cards.  A bit more hopeful.  The first proper sign of help”.


“I should be aiming more for what I want to do.  Not care what they are thinking.  Made me happier.  I can make it if I do the right things.  Be more positive”.


“A bit more perspective, look at the bigger picture, not be so much in the moment - controlling.

After eating take a step back, not worry so much.  I feel relieved.  Almost positive it can eventually go away”.


“Really useful.  Haven’t thought about it from the perspective of what I want my life to be about”.


“Looking at things more positively, structure.  Having what I want to eat rather than thinking I can’t do that.  I feel like I can give it a go”.


“This makes much more sense, less bad about myself.  Feels comforting, more positive.  Hopeful.  Not all or nothing.  Start to make changes”.


“Someone understanding where I’m coming from, everything you’ve said is spot on.  I can see it.  Can agree with what you’re saying.  I feel more positive moving forward.  This problem can be resolved, don’t have to stick with it the rest of my life”.


“Questioning myself why things happen.  Talking to you made me realise it affects my life more than I thought.  It’s not unrecoverable”.


“Made me look at my life in a different perspective.  Something to look forward to.  I feel relaxed and calm”.


“Been broken down a bit more, everything seemed like a fog.  Difficult, a muddle, something that would never be sorted.  I feel more positive.  Lighter”.


“Become more visual about what I want my life to look like.  My mind, the irrational part.  What I need to sort out.  Been really interesting”.


“A new perspective, a new way of trying to think about stuff.  A little bit of hope”.


“Thinking about it in a different way.  You’re making me feel more relaxed about the process.  I feel quite positive.  An interesting way of thinking”.


“This has already been the most help I’ve got in 8 months.  Put together.  Openly discussed a similar situation.  Visualise a positive outcome.  Know I can get through this.  I feel really excited for what is to come.  Willing to change to new habits, to give it a go.  For the first time, don’t want to go and lie under covers in bed, hide from the world.  Do all the things I enjoy”.


“I really like talking about it and putting it into perspective.  Tiny bits that go together, that makes more sense”.


“Realisation that it’s possible to change.  I feel more positive.  Scared but I know I can do it”.


“I’ve never thought about why I actually want to get better and what I really do want.  I know now, why I’m doing what I’m doing.  It’s gone really well.  I’ve really enjoyed it, really good”.


“You’ve made me excited to think I can get through this.  Identified what other people can do for me.  I feel excited.  Happy I’ve come today.  Looking forward to the next ones.  Envision what I want.  Desperately want to get there.  Fed up of it dictating my life”.


“Empowered me more towards what I can do.  Work with resistance.  I feel positive, tired and hopeful”.


“Helps being able to talk about things.  Know they are resolvable.  Clear steps to be taken to reach where I want to be.  It’s very relatable”.


“I feel a lot more confident coming out that there is an outcome.  Maybe I can actually do something to make real changes.  Made a lot of sense scientifically.  Came in low and hopeless, feel tentatively optimistic”.


“Found out that what I see is not always the truth.  Sounds a lot nicer.  More pleasant”.


“Helpful to see a completely different perspective.  The visualisation of what you want has been really helpful.  I feel fairly positive.  Could actually work.  Nothing to lose.  You have a good understanding of what I have to say.  It was productive”.


“Being able to step back and look at the situation clearer.  The clinic is focused on eating.  Been able to see other things I could enjoy in life.  Other aspects I could have back.  Eye opening.  I feel really positive”.


“Nice looking at it more from a view of what I would like life to be like.  Concentrate more on what I want than what I don’t want to do.  The clashes in my head.  Don’t think I’ll get anywhere without dealing with that.  Feel quite good”.


“Hadn’t voiced this much, It’s been a lot in my head.  Hard to hear it and realise it.  Having someone to understand the situation really helps.  The divided conflict in my head, explained it to me, it’s really helpful”.


“It is possible to change if other people have.  Not in the dark hole.  A useful practice to learn techniques when there is pressure from family.  More practical.  A little optimistic.  I like the idea I can make a change”.


“Good!  A lot!  A lot!  Hope.  I can and will hopefully feel all these things, recover forever.  So much hope.  Everything we’ve discussed, can get the hopes and dreams I want.  Intensifies the importance of it.  I feel happy, hopeful, relieved!”


“I’ve realised that I CAN do it.  Didn’t have set goals.  Hadn’t said “this is who you want to be”.  You can’t fail!  Only change the way you go about it.  Change the system”.


“My bad habits, my body has got a positive intention, the links have become more consolidated. A better understanding of why I’ve done it”.


“Being able to speak my mind.  Can speak about deep set issues with you”.


“Linking things, why I do certain things, the outcomes.  Understand it a bit more, as to why.  I’d never really thought how I did it”.


“That it’s possible.  Feel quite positive.  Interesting to look at it a different way.  Understand it a bit more”.


“The concept of the conscious thinking, not completely losing the plot.  There’s ways around it.  

It can change and I want it to change.  Want to strive for a life like that”.


“To dream.  Not put the wall up.  Allow myself to dream.  The problem and the solution frame, really interesting.  Noting the negative block.  I feel hopeful.  It’s made me feel it is possible.  Opened me up to the idea that it really is possible and how good life will be”.


“I can see things that be improved but struggle to see if I can get there.  Identified that I think quite negatively.  I feel good.  Lighter.  Positive and doubtful, but wiling to try”.


“Looking at it from another angle, not just about weight, there are other ways of going forward.  More of a way I can go forward”.


“A bit of hope.  Very interesting.  Another way of thinking.  I get how it can help”.


“I feel a bit more clear.  Just good to say things.  Was good to see that what you think is not necessarily real.  There is something that I want in life.  I feel quite good”.


“Quite a bit actually.  It’s not everything you see at first sight is not necessarily true.  A lot to think about.  I feel quite good.  Positive.  I know I need to make a change”.


“Realised I have a lot more goals than I realised.  Didn’t think, thought I’m different to other people.  Made a lot of sense about unjumbling my mind.  I feel a lot more positive”.


“A lot!  When I eat food now I’m going to focus on whether I’m full or not.  Accept people’s compliments.  I feel open minded.  Focus on getting better.  Positive about everything”.


“Helped me figure out more focus of why I think that way.  More clarity.  I feel better.  I understand it more”.


“Feels like I’ve made a positive step in seeking out someone who has answers and can hold the weight of what’s going on.  Feel good knowing I won’t feel like this forever.  Good!  Excited.  Hope ahead”.


“It is possible to get there in the end.  Much happier that I can get there.  Much better”.


“Understanding there are so many bits, it’s interlinked.  Separating food, self, conscious, I’ve put it on a picture, can visualise it more.  Feel a bit relieved, bit drained.  Take a bit of the pressure off”.


“It’s okay that I feel sad sometimes.  I am capable of getting myself back to normal.  It is possible”.


“My brain doesn’t always see the reality.  Take it in small steps, especially with hunger.  I’ve learnt more about how my brain works”.

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