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Child to Parent Abuse & Violence

Does your child manipulate, coerce, emotionally blackmail, threaten, hurt or intimidate you?
Are you at the end of your tether, exhausted?

Would you like to have tools to better handle conflict?

Reclaim respect and calm in your family!

Who's in Charge?

Who’s in Charge? is an 8 week programme with a two month follow up, devised by © Eddie Gallagher for parents or carers of adolescents and young adults who are beyond control, use unwanted behaviours to get their needs met, are defiant, abusive or violent.


The group aims to:

  • Develop individual strategies for managing unwanted behaviours using healthy boundaries

  • Reduce the guilt, shame and blame which most parents feel

  • Explore ways of increasing well-being for you and your child

  • Help parents feel more in control and less stressed

  • Enable a healthier relationship where you have a positive influence

  • Enable parents to support their child to make healthy decisions/choices


The group is run by Claire DeVal of DeVal Coaching

Brain & Behaviour Practitioner in Applied Neuroscience, NLP Master Practitioner, 

CBT Coach, Who’s in Charge, Freedom Programme and Escape the Trap Facilitator 

“It is a brilliant course and helping me a great deal.  It has completely changed the way I address situations.  It makes sense.”

"Thank you so much for this extremely valuable course - it has literally changed my life from misery to a happy place.  I was living in such a toxic environment I didn't know what to do or how to behave anymore. My relationship with my teenage daughter is now on a respectful and positive level with ups and downs of course but at least I have the tools to see the storm coming and avoid it develop.  And with me feeling better and more relaxed she is also behaving in a different manner and taking more charge of herself."
“I found the course challenging, but up-lifting.  Claire is strong , authoritative, trustworthy, credible, highly organised and hardworking. The course has provided me as a parent with practical ways of dealing with a difficult child so that I am better equipped to address the key issue of who is in charge”
“The camaraderie, inclusion and non judgmental attitude of Claire from week 1 filtered through the group very quickly making it feel comfortable to talk about difficult topics freely”
"When I saw the title of this course it struck a real chord.  I was struggling with my 15 year old daughter's eating disorder behaviours.  I was scared of my daughters behaviour, scared of confronting her and setting boundaries & consequences.  The course gave me confidence and belief in myself as a parent and I was able to confront her and her behaviours in a way that I had not done before.  The course was a game changer as it opened my eyes to what I knew I needed to do".
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