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Specialising in Self Development, Relationships,
Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Child to Parent Violence
and Dis-Ordered Eating

Self Development

Open a world of possibilities and explore the next steps. Identify limiting beliefs that hold you back and let them go.  Remove obstacles and overcome trauma. Learn to embrace your unique qualities and work with your limitations.  Build your sense of self.


You are not your eating disorder and no two 'eating disorders' are the same.  You are made up of your own thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours. With the right support and the tools to create positive change, there is so much more to life...

Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Did you know that stress is a constant state in the body and whilst some emotions are unpleasant, they serve a purpose?  Imagine for a moment that your negative emotions were not in control of you but you were in control of them!

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Child to Parent Violence

Child to parent violence, coercive control and abuse is on the rise. Modern day parenting is unprecedented when faced with online influence and social media. Claire DeVal is a qualified facilitator of the "Who's in Charge" parenting program by Eddie Gallagher.

Healthy vs Unhealthy

Recognising the difference between healthy and unhealthy behaviours in a relationship can be confusing. Whilst we try to figure things out, focusing on the problem can keep us stuck. Knowledge is power. Learning healthy behaviours and boundaries can be a start.

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NLP, CBT and 
Applied Neuroscience

Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Applied Neuroscience. Wondering how they can help you? You are the expert on you. That said, at times we can be our own worst enemy. Learn how to develop your own inner coach.

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