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"It is my experience that eating disorders are exactly that... eating dis-orders!
The whole system of beliefs and behaviours around self image, food , eating and so on becomes completely dis-ordered.

Everything becomes so muddled it needs to be put back together, like a jigsaw puzzle"  
Claire DeVal 

How do we start?

There is sometimes a belief that you must 'suffer' to be well. That you should 'trawl' and 'delve' through the past, in order to move forward. Whilst it is often the case that the start of an eating dis-order can be traced back to a particular time in one's life...

We cannot change the past

But we can change our response to the past - in the present

Cleaning up past history is a way to start and with NLP it is quick and painless. In fact you don't need to suffer at all. Unless of course you want to.


When is the time to move forward?

Many people label themselves as being anorexic or bulimic. This may or may not be helpful for you.

However, I wonder what it would be like, if rather than making the statement "I am anorexic/bulimic" which is a statement about who YOU are on an identity level. You were to consider the alternative statement "I am currently running some behaviours which are anorexic/bulimic".

What would it be like if instead of 'owning' the problem on an identity level you were to consider that you are simply running some unwanted behaviours around food/eating.

It may even be the case that these behaviours crept upon you without your realising and now the behaviours that you were controlling are now controlling you...

Bad behaviours! Naughty behaviours! Unwanted behaviours!

But wait. Is that really the case? We've already seen in the case of 'the spider and Aunty Joyce", that these behaviours will be doing something for you. This is the real key to change.

What's the Point? I'll never be free of the cycle!

A common belief of eating dis-orders is that you will never be free from the cycle.

This is a belief in the same way that as a small child you may 'believe' in Santa, whereas as an adult you may no longer 'believe'.  Of course, we all know that he does in fact exist! However, in the same way that you may or may not choose to believe in the jolly guy in the red suit. You could also choose to 'believe' that once you have experienced an eating disorder you are doomed for all time to repeat the cycle.

However... NLP believes that:

"If it is possible in the world - it is possible for you".

Therefore if there is someone in the world that has recovered from an eating disorder and managed to leave it in the past - then it is possible for you to do the same.

As someone myself that has recovered from an eating disorder and enabled many others I am not only confident but know that it IS possible to beat the cycle.


Once you are on the path to recovery it is important to get to know your own potential 'triggers' so that you can recognise the slippery slope and have some coping strategies ready.

All this and more is covered in the Claire DeVal approach to Eating Dis-Orders!

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