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What is NLP?
(The Technical Bit!)

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP for short incorporates some of the most significant psychological discoveries of the last 30 years.


Neuro refers to our conscious andother-than-conscious minds including our thoughts and memories.

Linguistic to the language we use when communicating with others (aloud) and our selves (internal dialogue).

Programming refers to the patters of behaviour we have both internally and externally.

A pre-supposition of NLP is that mind and body are one. When we speak aloud to others - guess who else is listening? We are!

Therefore if we have an issue our conscious minds cannot make sense of, we tend to "hang on" to the problem believing there is no solution.


Whatever our mind believes can affect us physically. Makes sense when you think in terms of fears and phobias. In the same way that a certain smell or song can remind us of a time, place or person and trigger a positive physical and mental reaction, the opposite can be true.


Ask anyone with a phobia what the sight of a lift or the sound of take-off does to them and you will see an immediate change in their physical and mental state.

All of these thoughts, feelings, responses and behaviours come together to form our own personal "map of the world". Each map is unique to the individual and defines each persons reality.

So how does this help?

By understanding & respecting that people have their own "map of the world" Richard Bandler and John Grinder, the founders of NLP, discovered that we can "model excellence". There is no doubt that someone somewhere will be successful at what you are trying to achieve. (Think in terms of smokers and non-smokers!). Therefore what is the difference that makes the difference?


If there is something that you are doing that isn't working the NLP model can help you discover what it is you want to change/achieve and help you to do something different!

"If it's possible in the world - then it's possible for you"
But I've tried before!

Change is constant. In our selves, in others and in our environment. Therefore something that may have worked for us in the past, may not achieve the same or lasting results now. NLP works on the basis that every negative behaviour or response we experience - has a positive intention for us. Think about the phrase "comfort eating"!


By finding and honouring the positive intentions of our negative behaviour it is entirely possible to initiate lasting changes that are in keeping with our sense of selves.

So what happens?

By working out of a solution frame, as opposed to a problem frame it is possible to make sense of a current situation and to gain clarity.

The clarity to know our desired outcome, & the steps we need to take to achieve it.

And by honouring our positive intentions, enable change to be a lasting part of us. When this happens we can have a real sense of congruence and peace with our selves.

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